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Progressive Die Stamping
With expertise in Progressive Dies and the availability of wide range of Power presses from 125 Ton to 360 Ton we deliver high quality and precise electrical stampings. With capabilities like Continuous feed, Fast Die set-up times, SPM up-to 350, Auto stitch and Auto skew we produce various geometries in a single unit with minimal process lead time.
Aluminium Die Casting
We possess a wide range of manufacturing capability in Pressure Die casting. Our current fleet of machines range from 80 Ton to 250 Ton Locking which enables us to manufacture wide range of Aluminium products. We currently manufacture highly precise aluminium die castings with best-in-class quality. Our in-house tooling facility helps us to significantly reduce tool development, repair and maintenance cost.
Our State-of-the-art annealing set up with high-end control helps electrical steel attain the required grain structure and achieve the ideal magnetic properties. We are also capable of providing oxide coating as per the customer requirement.
We posses a fleet of high end precision machinery with an expert team which enables us to design and maintain tools in-house.
Sheet Metal Forming
We currently produce high quality sheet metal components such as fan covers in our best in class forming machines. We are capable of producing fully finished sheet metal components